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ResidentialWhy Choose Post Frame?


Our buildings have endless possibilities when it comes to options and uses. Our buildings can be designed entirely around the specifics of your location and use of the building. The buildings are adaptable to various installation methods and can even be added unto existing structures. Roof pitches can vary depending upon the look you desire. Additional windows, doors, or garage doors can be added onto the buildings at a later date due to the simplicity of construction. You can add onto our buildings in the future as well.

Our buildings can be used for houses, barns, livestock shelters, retail facilities, equestrian, shops, garages, commercial, storage, industrial, municipal, or airplane hangars. Post frame has evolved to become a very versatile means of construction for less money when compared to steel framing or stud framing.

Fast Installation

Since post frame buildings have far less material but larger members than conventional framing, the building process takes far less time. Our crews are highly trained and skilled in the construction of our buildings. Through many years of experience, we have developed an efficient installation process and can deliver a high quality building in a short time period.


Since post frame buildings have less material than conventional buildings, and they are installed in half the time, the cost of our buildings compared to conventional buildings is roughly 2/3 the cost. Post frame makes it affordable for customers to obtain more building and coverage than conventional framing or steel framed buildings. Steel framed buildings and conventionally framed buildings typically require a foundation wall which adds major expense even before you get to the structure itself.

Energy efficiency adds to the long-term affordability, post frame construction typically has a 8’ to 16’ wall cavities between posts, where spray foam insulation can be filled. With conventional buildings, this practice would be hindered due to the closer studs. Steel frame buildings are highly conductive and therefore transfer heat and cold easily from the outside to the inside.


We take our customers’ investment in our buildings very seriously. One thing you will not find in our company is “cheapening the building up”. We don’t do the absolute minimum in design, construction, and product to get the cheapest material price, and then install in the shortest amount of time, jeopardizing quality craftsmanship, just to get the job. We take our buildings design and integrity very serious to ensure the strongest building.