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Dan H. Beachy & Sons, Inc. was founded on the timeless principals of craftsmanship, efficiency, customer service and fair pricing.

Dan H. Beachy & Sons, Inc. specializes in pole building construction. We employ some of the most experienced staff and building experts in the area and as the old saying goes, “you can’t replace experience”. The result is that we trust you’ll enjoy dealing with us. during your construction project because we are experts in our specialty field and offer economical construction solutions.

One call to our experts and you will realize the level of quality service you will receive. Our experts strive to offer economic construction solutions to fit the needs of each and every one of our customers. Anything less than complete satisfaction is completely unacceptable to us. We know the difference between good and great service is a very small margin of attention and our focus is to exceed that margin with all of our jobs.

At Dan H. Beachy & Sons, Inc. we are committed to providing you with hands on support from the design process through to the completion of your new building. We construct storage and office buildings as well as garages, warehouses, retail space, horse barns and much more.

You will receive custom service from initial design to delivery and setup, including a concrete slab foundation and finish (provided by request).

Free Estimates, top-notch products, reasonable prices, friendly service… what else could you want?

Dan H. Beachy & Sons, Inc. offers a warranty on their buildings, contact us today with any questions about your building needs.


Dan H. Beachy is committed to meeting the diverse needs of individuals by providing complete custom building packages. Through our consultation and design process, product knowledge and innovation, and professional project management, we strive to provide an enjoyable construction process and the highest quality final product. With our strong work ethic, honesty and integrity, we build lasting relationships and create satisfied customers.


One of our advantages is summed up in two words, MORE LUMBER! The closer spacing on our posts and trusses and the amount of bracing leads to a visible difference when you step inside. We want your building to be able to weather the storms common in this area. For the cost-conscious customer maintaining our common length, width and height size will get you more for less.

Post-frame buildings from Dan H. Beachy & Sons, Inc. are extremely efficient. You’ll save money right away with lower labor and materials costs versus steel or brick structures, and your building will be ready for occupancy sooner.

Once completed, your post-frame building will continue to save you money with superior insulation properties and weather resistance. That means you’ll have a more energy efficient and durable structure.

Designed to withstand almost anything the weather can dish out, post-frame structures are engineered to be self-bracing, wind and weather resistant, and built with the best materials and workmanship for superior performance.