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Q: Why should I use Dan H. Beachy and Sons, Inc. versus another post frame builder?

• Our products are customized, engineered buildings to suit our customers’ specific needs.
• Lifetime Warranties on the high quality products we use in our buildings.
• We place the customer before profits.
• Quality, not Quantity.
• Locally Owned.
• Easy construction process.
• Sustainable products.

Q: Can my building be installed on top of an existing concrete slab?

A: Yes. You will need to make your sales representative aware of this, so the materials can be figured properly. Anchor bolts will need to be placed in the slab on 3′ centers prior to construction. Ask your sales representative for an anchor bolt layout; this will need to be used when the concrete is poured.

Q: Do I need to have a permit to have a Pole Barn constructed on my property?

A: Maybe. Some counties or cities will require a building permit. The building requirements and restrictions are very different in every area. It is the customer’s responsibility to check with the local building inspection office to identify any building restrictions that may be enforced. The customer is responsible for the cost of a building permit, if one is required. Dan H. Beachy & Sons can provide detailed construction drawings and talk with the building inspector to assist in the process of obtaining a permit or determining if one will be needed for construction of a Pole Barn. Occasionally, a municipality will require site specific Engineered Sealed Drawings for your building. Dan H. Beachy & Sons can provide engineered drawings and modify the construction of the building, if required. The engineer requires a payment for this service, which is due upon completion of the drawings. Ask your sales representative for a price for this service.

Q: Do I need to have electricity at the job site?

A: No. While it is highly convenient to have electricity at the job site, Dan H. Beachy & Sons can supply their own power.

Q: When I send in a contract, how long does it take before construction begins?

A: Dan H. Beachy & Sons will contact you by phone to verify that the contract was received, accepted and to estimate an approximate start date. We will always strive to work around your schedule on deliveries and construction. Dan H. Beachy & Sons constructs each building in the order that it was received. Weather conditions and production will affect the lead time. A representative from Dan H. Beachy & Sons will contact you prior to delivering the materials to arrange a day and time for making the delivery. We will also contact you prior to the arrival of the builders (typically within 7 to 14 days after the delivery) so that you can make arrangements to meet them at the building site.

Q: Can I use my farm tax exemption number?

A: Dan H. Beachy & Sons recommends that you consult with a tax accountant or research current state and federal tax laws on this matter.

Q: How should I ventilate my building?

A: Dan H. Beachy & Sons has ridge vents, exhaust vents, and gable vents. Any of these products will offer sufficient ventilation and can be used in combination with each other. Reference our Building Materials page for more information.

Q: What is the difference in wall height and ceiling clearance?

A: The post-frame industry uses outside wall height as the industry standard for measuring size. A 10′ wall height (or eave height) does not mean that there is 10′ of clearance inside your building. Typically if you have a 10′ wall, your clearance inside is approximately 9’4″ because of header plates and ceiling joists. If you build up your floor with concrete then you will take away additional clearance. For that reason, Dan H. Beachy & Sons builds our sliding doors 1′ shorter than the specified wall height and overhead door frame outs 2′ shorter than specified wall height. That way anything that fits through the doors will certainly clear the ceiling joists.